This Elevator Goes…. Nowhere?

I’ve been in plenty of buildings with stupid architecture–doors that lead nowhere (or even off into space), staircases that suddenly end, buildings in which the ground floor is called “2,” etc.

Today I encountered quite possibly the dumbest feature of a building: an elevator that only goes down, and only goes down one floor, right at the entrance to a building. What?! There’s a giant staircase right next to this thing, and it didn’t occur to anyone to make the elevator go up as well as down to the creepy basement?
I got in with a group of people, paused, and just stared at the buttons when I was inside. My brain kept wanting to punch a button but I thought I was crazy: the only options were doors open, doors close, B, and 1*. What kind of stupid elevator is this?! It’s like the kind you see in a crappy horror movie or something, not a university building! Give me a break. Also, why at universities of all places do you find the weirdest, most cock-eyed architectural designs? Aren’t we supposed to be employing the best and brightest and teaching them, too? Food for thought, architectural students. Food for thought.