Just Vote, Dammit.

Hello all,

In these crazy times of weather trying to kill us all and also twitter, it’s important to remember that we all (well, all Americans over 18 who aren’t felons and are registered) have a voice.  Use the power given to you.  Use your privilege to take a stand.  Just fucking vote.

There is no reason to not vote.  If you can, just vote.  Just fucking vote.

Someday, when you’re old and gray… or older and grayer, do you really want to look back at this historic moment and say that you did nothing?  What kind of protest is staying at home?  What kind of statement does your laziness make?  Participate in your life.  Participate in your system.  Have a voice.  Choose something.

I think you can guess who I’m voting for tomorrow.  Maybe you should cancel my vote?  Maybe you should add to my vote’s power?

I don’t care who you pick.  Just fucking vote.

Source: snowboardergg.blogspot.com