Don’t Touch My Tattoo.

Seriously, don’t touch my tattoo without clearly given permission from me.  Unless invited to touch the naked skin of another person, one should refrain from doing so.  This has always been my rule.  Would you go up to a stranger and say, “Oh, I love your freckles!,” and then proceed to stroke and fondle their freckles?  I think not.  Would you, upon noticing a stranger’s shining locks, suddenly decide to twirl his or her hair with your fingers?  Definitely not.  I just don’t understand why normal adults would feel the need to touch other people’s tattoos.

I’ve been in the grocery store, a restaurant, a clothing store, a bookshop, etc. when I’ve seen someone (usually a middle-aged white woman) randomly address/attack some poor tattooed young person with tattoo-related questions, and then light to heavy petting of arms and other tattooed extremities.  It’s so awkward.  It’s so rude.

Tangent: Of course, I also don’t understand how it ever seems okay to someone to touch a pregnant stranger’s belly; there is a baby in there, and it’s not your baby.  You wouldn’t touch a non-pregnant woman’s stomach, right?  I don’t even like it when the people I date touch my stomach; if a dude reaches the stomach-touching-level, he’s got to be something quite special.

Anyways, I just think it’s really weird that strangers feel comfortable touching other stranger’s body art.  That’s weird.  Back off.  Stop touching strangers.  People don’t want to be touched by you.  People have boundaries, and you should too.  People like their personal space.  Respect the bubble.