What Are Kate and Patty Doing?

Well, a lot.  We’re sorry that we haven’t been posting very much lately; we’re just very tired.  You see, Kate is awfully busy with papers and being a PhD student (which I’ve heard is hard).  She has to spend her time being responsible and maintaining a pretty stellar GPA.  Meanwhile, Patty is a damn mess (as you may have noticed).  Girlfriend is trying to figure out if she’s going to grad school this fall.  She’s also planning a national conference at work and it has taken over her life.  Like, for real.

Basically, we’re sorry that we haven’t been posting much lately.

We’re just so tired.


She only has one full-time job and two part-time jobs right now.  That might sound like a lot to you, but for Patty, that’s on the more reasonable end.  Once upon a time, Patty had six jobs.  She didn’t sleep much back then.

She writes a lot of poetry and is working hard at getting published more.


She’s in graduate school, working towards her PhD in English.  That’s why she’s so good at writing a blog.  Kate is the smart one.

Kate has to teach freshmen.  Therefore, she is a saint.