Memorial Day

We want to say THANK YOU to all the veterans, service members, and their families.


Over this Memorial Day Holiday there have been shenanigans of all kinds, and it seems that a few people have lost sight of the meaning of this day off work.  Ahem, I’m talking to you, man-childs playing football in the street and shirtless ladies.  This is not just a break from the office, this is a day to be thankful. Keep in mind that while you’re working on that bro-tank tan-line, other people are deployed… in actual tanks.

For the most part, I saw people being respectful and really quite lovely.  Flags were at half-staff.  Salutes were saluted.  Graves were marked.  Even Sirius Radio was sweet about it.  I do not subscribe to jingoism, but I think thankfulness is good.  Sacrifices made by service members and their families are not necessarily political, the sacrifices are simply big.  While we are often political, but today is not about politics, and we want to just be nice.  We’re not ranting.  We might be raising some concerns, though.


Wishing you all a safe and happy Memorial Day,

Kate and Patty



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