April Fools (You’re the Fool)

Pregnancy is not a joke.  Please don’t joke about being pregnant.

  • It is an imminent danger, people.
  • You might already be preggers, and you just don’t know yet.

Don’t joke about being hurt, sick, or imprisoned.

  • We’re your friends.  We’ll be worried.
  • Ever heard of a curse?
  • How about the boy who cried wolf?

Don’t fake break-up.

  • We deal with enough drama as is.
  • If you’re one of my crazy friends… Well, it won’t go as planned.
  • Real fights might result.

Just don’t be a total dick.

  • Don’t worry people.
  • Don’t leave your joke hanging for too long. People will believe it.
  • Punchlines also require good timing.
  • Your life is not a PUNK’D episode.

(On another note, why did they remove the “E” from that title?  It makes no sense…)


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