10 Reasons I Like Winter Dating Better

  1. I’m almost never sweaty without choosing to be sweaty in the winter. When I work out, I sweat.  That much is fine with me.  In the summer, I sweat without warning.  In the winter, I don’t sweat unless I choose to sweat.  This means that the person I’m dating doesn’t have to see me sweating without reason.
  2. I get to wear layers, which means I get to hide things.  Goodbye big sweaters!  Hello sundresses!  Oh god!  So much skin!  So much brutal honesty about my body!  I want to hide under knits!
  3. My skin is rosy and prettier when it’s cold. When it’s hot, I’m sunburned and oily.  No thanks.  I’d rather be crisp.
  4. Snowball fights are amazing.
  5. Cuddling is far more appealing when it’s not 80 Fahrenheit.  Who wants to share back sweat?  How about in-between-boobies sweat?  Let’s stick to each other!
  6. There are no bikinis.  Screw you, bikini season!
  7. There are no sunburns in the winter-time.  There are so many sunburns in the summer-time.  It’s hard to be sexy with a sunburn…
  8. Getting drunk is not as gross in the winter.  In the summer, you’re dewy and sweaty; beer becomes an enemy.  Winter drinking gives you an alcohol-blanket that will be your friend all night.
  9. All the skinny chicks look like penguins in the summer, but me, I look hearty and amazing.  In the summer, I look frizzy and swollen compared to the many stick-figures walking about dressed in napkins.  No hate, they look great.
  10. No mosquitoes.  Mosquitoes are not sexy.

This is me - all summer long.

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons I Like Winter Dating Better

  1. I must disagree on one point – winter does make you sweat, in your boots/socks. And then you have stinky feet. Although, maybe that’s a hazard all year long. I just have stinky feet.

    • Ah, yes. This is a danger to winter dating (or dating whilst wearing flats, or if it gets hot for a second in anything). For me, the danger rises in the warmer months, but it is a threat at almost all times.

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