The Middle Stall.

A while ago, I read that the middle stall, on average, is the most frequented of any in a given bathroom.  WHY? Why?  WHY?

Why would the middle stall be most appealing to people?  I really don’t get this.

The middle stall just seems yucky, and I don’t like it.Relieving yourself in the middle stall (assuming all others are available) leaves you more vulnerable.  Rather than being safely next to a wall, a wall which cannot produce alarming smells, noises, or ask you for toilet paper, people are choosing to sit and wait for others to surround them with their bathroom needs.  You’re just so much more exposed to danger.  Your shoes are more likely to get weirdly close to someone else’s, and who knows what will happen?  People are more likely to interact with you.  This is a private time.  It’s not social.  It is also more likely that the movement of someone else’s door will jumble yours and cause it to come undone – sometimes stalls are mounted all together, so when one moves, they all do, which creates a strange game of chance out of any potty party.  It’s awkward.

Walls protect you.  Go with walls.

Walls cannot spy on you.  Walls will not vomit on your shoes.  Walls will not text while pooping.  Walls will not cry on the phone.  Walls will not talk to their friends around you.  Walls will never leave the bathroom without washing their hands.

If you sit your bum in the middle stall, you are forcing people to sit next to you while they relieve themselves.  Give everyone space.  Don’t choose the middle stall first!

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