No One Is Safe in Target!

Okay, most of the time, you are safe in Target (probably).  However, today I observed a mother using corporal punishment on her son in the hair-care aisle.  I get that you’re upset, and that you’re child is full-on raging; I was feeling like I also might want to help punish that little brat.  This child repeated the word, “Mommy,” for about four minutes straight…  UGH.

This kid was a pro-annoyer, and I think he was demanding that his mother buy him some weird little crappy toy.  Kids like that should be scolded, denied cookies, sent to their rooms and made to write their mothers heartfelt poems.  Children need to learn responsibility, patience, and how to self-sooth.  Kids also need discipline, which is a tricky area for most people.  How does a person successfully balance loving their children more than life and punishing them enough so they don’t turn out to be awful, terrifying humans?  It’s hard.  That mom had three kids with her, and the oldest one was making everyone around him crazy.


I really think he deserved a spanking.  I might have done the same.  I just don’t think it should happen in front of people at Target.  It didn’t last long.  It didn’t cross the line of reason.  It just doesn’t seem like it belongs in Target.  Yes, discipline is important, and it’s difficult.  At the same time, I feel like disciplining your child by hitting them in public reflects badly on the parent, shames them very publicly, and feels a little like control has been lost.

Oh, Target.  You bring out the worst in brats.

Maybe, because you sell BRATZ dolls?  Just sayin’.

2 thoughts on “No One Is Safe in Target!

  1. My husband and I have vowed to avoid bringing our child to a store until she’s at least 8 for this very reason. Kids don’t need to be there, I don’t need them there. It just makes everyone want to die.

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