Shady Mailings… Not Just For Politicians Anymore

In the season of receiving important tax documents in the mail–think your W-2s–I pay more attention to the junk mail. I don’t want to accidentally pitch some documents from a  bank or my employer that I need to file my taxes. So, lo and behold, when I checked the mail this morning, my boyfriend had received something form the IRS and I had received a letter with similar-looking typeface which read, on the front, “DO NOT BEND. Statement of Benefits Enclosed.” I began to wonder if it was from my insurance company or something, so I looked toward the return address label and saw it was from something called “Midwest Living,” located in Des Moines, Iowa.

Hum. Well, this looked important. Then I turned it over.

Was this… a magazine subscription ad? …What???

Upon opening it, this was confirmed. It was, in fact, a ploy to get me to subscribe to Midwest Living Magazine. They are trying to attract potential subscriptions with what appears to be a bill. Sneaky, sneaky, Midwest Living. But I’m calling you out. Disguising ads as bills or important “BENEFITS” documents during end-of-the-fiscal-year tax season is not only misleading, its incredibly shady. I’m calling bullshit on you!

You didn’t even deserve expert editing, you jerks. Only janky phone pictures edited with the skills of MS paint.

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