You Probably Shouldn’t Make Out with Your Teenager

The other day I posted about that creepy Folgers coffee commercial with the, well, let’s just say “odd,” moment between siblings. I have more creepy stuff to report to you, but this time it involves parents. Making out with their teenagers. Yeah. You read that right. At a Minnesota high school thought it would be funny to run a prank during one of their pep rallies that involved blindfolding students and bringing in “mystery” kissers. Except those mystery kissers are their parents. Observe the YouTube video below, shot by someone at the pep rally:

If you’re now sitting in front of your computer with a facial expression that silently screams, “OH MY GOD??!!??” you are not alone. You have to wonder what’s wrong with the school, first of all, but it seems like school systems seem to make bad decisions perpetually. I’m grossed out, but not entirely surprised that someone thinks something stupid/gross/psychologically harmful/offensive is a good idea. This isn’t completely out of the ordinary. I’m more concerned about the parents of these kids. What they hell were they thinking?

As a parent you want to protect your child. I don’t think you want to psychologically damage them, or really even embarrass them in front of their friends, though parents often do so unintentionally. You also don’t have latent desires to make out with your kids. SO. Taking all that into account, could someone please tell me why these parents would lock lips with their grown children in order to (I assume) embarrass them as part of some kind of twisted gag?

Welcome to the internet age, Principal Wollersheim. Anything and everything you do has to be done with the idea that anyone, anywhere may view a video of it. With cell phone cameras and small digital cameras, there is now the potential for someone to be videotaping virtually anything without you knowing it. And it takes about 15 seconds to upload that stuff to YouTube. Not that this is an excuse for your utterly imbecilic idea to make parents kiss their children in such a sexualized way, but it serves as a good lesson and/or reminder for you and everyone else. Don’t assume an event can’t reach the outside world. It can, and it will.

Mostly I feel bad for these kids. How awkward and bizarre would the ride home from this event be? I would feel not only betrayed but totally creeped out. I would never want to be affectionate with that parent after that. Ew. Ew. EW.

As a person, I’m appalled. As a Minnesotan, I’m embarrassed.

Not cute. Not funny. Just gross.

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