Flirting. You’re doing it wrong.

I was not feeling very well yesterday.  This lead me to purchasing some cold and flu relief products along with a new thermometer, tea, and crackers.  Most cashiers would say something obvious like, “Not feeling so hot?” or “Oh no, caught that cold bug, huh?”  But this cashier, “Adam” as his nametag proclaimed, decided that I was in the mood for some bottom-notch flirting.  He said, “You have really pretty eyes.” I said, “Thank you [coughs].”

Then he asked me if I was a student “around here,” and I said, “Not anymore.”  Then he told me all about going to school at Eastern; including the fun fact that he is a sophomore…  I was trying to say that I wished him well with his studies, and I was trying to pay for my sick-goods.

Then actually said, “You should get coffee with me sometime.”  WHAT?  Where did this come from?  How do I look like your ideal candidate for dating, or flirting, or making out, or humping?  I’m a runny-nosed, four-eyed, dreary, tired, bloated, messy, mussed-up, annoyed, older girl.  Why are you asking me to get coffee with you?

This is when I said, “Um… I’m not really… Um…” So, then I fell silent like a weirdo and the rest of the checkout-y checkout was majorly awkward.

I really hope he didn’t steal my credit card information.


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