Office Notes: “Frig” Day and Other Dangers

Offices are a minefield of passive aggressive notes, and these notes are usually amazing.  People are possessive of their food, their work spaces, and are quite concerned about the sights and smells of their co-workers.  It’s natural.  Work is a place where people with very little in common are forced to spend eight hours together every day.  They have to listen to each other, smells each other’s smells, deal with personalities, and generally exist.  People will steal your lunch sometimes.  People will infuriate you.  People will leave messes.  People will be inconsiderate.  It’s just what happens.  It is a recipe for disaster, and by disaster, I really mean passive aggressive behavior.


Sometimes this passive aggressive behavior results in “frig” day.  There is so much happening here.  Where is the rest of the punctuation?  Is this really just one sentence?  If yes, why are the fragments estranged?

Below is another example of the dangers of passive aggressiveness:



First, I really hate that this implies that moms always have to clean up after their children – especially since we’re all adults.  Second, I hate that…. well, you see it.  Finally, do messes make the eating environment unsafe?  This is troubling.


PS – These are very real, but aren’t meant to attack.  They just make me sad.

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