Fishnets, and Other Dress Code Crimes

There are a lot of things you shouldn’t wear to work.  There are a lot of things I wouldn’t wear to work.  For example, I would not wear a mini-skirt to work.  I would not wear a wind suit to work (though, I want to do so).  I would not wear a costume, a meat-dress, a sweatsuit, a hoodie, anything that could be mistaken for yoga pants, or a red suit (they’re creepy).  There are standards for work attire, people!

Since I work in a research facility for a major university, we have a number of new students and young professionals joining the staff, and running around in general everyday.  Most of the time, this just means that people assume they (well, we) are work study students who don’t really need to be professional.  Most of the time, the other women/girls who are my age-ish in the building dress like me.  They where normal dress pants, blouses, sweaters, knee-length skirts, etc.  That’s all fine and good.

However, our office has recently been stormed by chicks who dress so inappropriately, it upsets.  I found myself gaping at a girl in the hall today who was wearing a VERY tight mini-skirt, with a low-cut tank top, and FISHNET STOCKINGS?!


There are limits.  I understand wearing a skirt that is a little too short; you didn’t mean to, and you’ll learn over time.  I understand a low-cut top here and there.  But both of those AND fishnets?  There is no excuse for this.  I stared at this chick for a while, but she didn’t seem phased by my shock, or anyone else’s.  I just can’t handle this.  I hope her supervisor said something.

It’s not that hard to dress for work.  The office isn’t a bar, or a street corner.  The office isn’t a place to find dudes.  Are you going out after this?  Do you just feel REALLY confident when you wear fishnets?  Was it a dare?  Are you an idiot?

What’s happening?


2 thoughts on “Fishnets, and Other Dress Code Crimes

  1. I find with each set of younger female employees that come in, the more inappropriate the attire, much of the time they will wear pieces in a way that look like a high earner in a tv show office would wear and the guys love it and the older women tolerate it more and more and try/wish to emulate it. I’ve never seen a mini-skirt and fishnets together at work, but mini skirts everyday, strappy vests, jogging bottoms, rippeds jeans etc yes, thankfully someone enforced the dress code but still – it’s obvious not to dress too casually or sexually at work unless you’re in a workplace where that’s the norm. One girl said she couldn’t wear trousers and disliked them (though she wore tight jeans and stilettos to her initial induction) but you never saw her in a skirt longer than mid-thigh but everyone was fine with it. I wasn’t bothered but it when people talked about the dress code, it couldn’t be called smart.

    • Oops forgot to add, I’ve worn fishnet or mesh (or lace) tops to work plenty of times, under short sleeve or low cut shirts/tops – so they cover the arms and chest but it hasn’t been a problem. I find so much womenswear nowadays is low cut or sleeveless/tiny sleeved even in workwear and I preferred to be covered so wear long sleeved tops underneath or boleros on top.

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