What? Why? Live Feed from the “Twilight Premier”

I went to Yahoo.com to check my email – my boss chose the site, don’t judge me.  The first story on the Yahoo! homepage?  A live feed is available from the new “Twilight” movie’s premiere.  This just means you can watch a bunch of famous, and not-so-famous people give incredibly brief interviews about a terrible movie.  Come on.  You don’t need to see the stars of this movie walk down a red carpet in fancy clothes?  How does that add to your experience?

Evidence here: Live! Red Carpet Coverage of “Breaking Dawn”

Why are people so obsessed with this?  These books don’t have good stories.  The main character is a girl who decides to get married straight out of high school, does not even consider going to college, and she’s completely dependent on this dude… WHO IS A VAMPIRE.

It hurts my soul.

Oh, it hurts my soul.

Wait, do Twilight vampires have souls?

2 thoughts on “What? Why? Live Feed from the “Twilight Premier”

  1. I don’t understand the mass hysteria this franchise inspires either. Of course, my biggest issue with it is vampires that glitter in the sunlight. How retarded. I haven’t read the books or seen the movies…and don’t intend to. Glittering vampires is an instant turn-off.

  2. Each generation has its obsession with vampires e.g. Anne Rice and then Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They’re another stupid thing (like the mention in your Halloween post) that are glamourized as sexy and fun and people totally fall for and want to be with or emulate. But the thing is, they’re parasites. The characters live off humans. Why do we love them again?

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