WTF, ear cuffs?

This is an incredibly stupid product. I give you, reader, the “ear cuff.” What is up with this? It’s like a piercing, but it’s not. It’s just awkward and kinda ugly. Especially when it’s a skull next to the kind of earrings that suburban moms wear.

Why? Why not just pierce it like a normal person? There is nothing cool about this weirdness!

And if that wasn’t bad enough, how about an Avatar wannabe… blue and ear-cuffed:


5 thoughts on “WTF, ear cuffs?

  1. errmm ear cuffs are cool this whole websites a joke grow up cant believe your soo sad enuff to make a web page on ear cuffs n @jonolan seen ur pik hell no goths are back :)

  2. your dumb and wasted you time on this website, and some people don’t pierce their ear in that place for a lot of reasons like it hurts! and also some people rather not so they can take it off and wear it when they please and others are not allowed to pierce their ears at all. And ear cuffs are cool and pretty and awsome

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