Christmas in October? No, Thanks.

Dear World,

Why are there already Christmas decorations going up?  Why are people (ahem, Justin Bieber) already releasing Christmas albums?  Halloween isn’t even over!

I just don’t have the mental strength for this right now.

I would link to Justin Bieber’s video, but I cannot do that without feeling a little guilty…

My point is simply that it’s too early in the year to be thinking about Christmas.  If you celebrate this holiday so early, you’re going to be miss Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is obviously amazing.  Halloween is also amazing.  Costumes make everyone happy; you don’t get costumes on Christmas.  Well, I guess you get a costume if you dress up as Santa… Or if you dress up as Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus.  If so, that’s weird in itself.  Why should we already be ready for Christmas?  It’s in two months?  Wouldn’t you judge me if I started prepping for my July birthday in May?

Enough with the Christmas!

Bitterly yours,


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