Pick Your Punctuation: one is enough!




These are the three acceptable ways to end a sentence.



Only one of these is acceptable. (Can you guess which?) If you’re going to ask a question or exclaim something, only one of the corresponding marks is really necessary. Three might be, sometimes, maybe acceptable. Such as for a drunken text, or if you just won the lottery (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Or if you’re referring to the band known as “!!!”

Mixing punctuation marks is a no, no matter what your situation. .! or !. is not acceptable. Are you exclaiming or stating? I’m confused. I think you’re confused, so maybe you should decide and then PICK ONE. Additionally, although it is feasible to both exclaim and state simultaneously (yet without double punctuation), asking a question and making a statement at once is a paradox. Therefore, these

?. / .?

MAKE NO SENSE! And these

.! /!.



So do us all a favor and pick your punctuation like you pick a fine wine. Be decisive and selective, because right now, you only get one.

One thought on “Pick Your Punctuation: one is enough!

  1. Thanks for such a great post.

    You really hit on one of my pet peeves–exclamation points! People use them all the time! And if they had written the sentence well, then the enthusiasm would probably have come across on its own! Then they wouldn’t even need an exclamation point! Or three!!!

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