My Love/Hate Relationship with Shirt Dresses

I both love and hate the shirt dress. On models, they always look fabulous.

Classic, just the right amount of casual. Nicely cinched at the waist. But when I go to try on shirt dresses, it never fails: they always make my body look bizarre. I blame this on being pear shaped/bottom heavy/not weighing 100 pounds and being 5’9″. But these damn pictures of skinny tiny models always wind up fooling me into picking the shirt dresses off the rack and trying them on, once again drawing myself into the standard dressing room trap of “god, everything looks awful on me” (when it’s really just that one piece).

I secretly envy women who can pull off the shirt dress, and perhaps that is what makes me so upset when I see someone wearing the shirt dress in the absolute WRONG way: too short and not cinched.

What makes a shirt dress a shirt dress and not just a shirt is its length and the cinched waist to give it shape. If you don’t have these, you wind up looking like you forgot your pants and/or had a little bit too much fun last night and wound up losing your clothes and borrowed his shirt instead (believe me, I’ve seen this walk of shame done before–it ain’t pretty). Or, alternatively, that you belong in an American Apparel ad (which, I confess, is where I nabbed this photo from).

For the love of all that is sacred and for all of us who look ridiculous wearing these things, wear them right! Rock it, own it, and don’t look like you absent-mindedly skipped wearing pants.

2 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship with Shirt Dresses

  1. I had always thought I could pull off any sort of outfit until I tried on a shirt dress. It was pretty much the clothing equivalent of letting my dishes pile up for a month. It was insta-slob.

    Now it’s pretty typical to see a chick wearing a plaid shirt (dress) with an extra wide belt and leggings because otherwise their tuchus would be showing.

    Personally, I think Shirt Dresses are just a big joke played on fashion-conscious women. Whoever came up with the idea is probably snickering behind their piles of money.

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