Sneezing is NOT a choice.

I’m very tired of people being offended by my sickness.  It’s allergy season and I need to sneeze sometimes.  People need to get over it.  I am not choosing to sneeze.  In fact, lately I’ve sneezed so much I have a back ache.  It is quite unpleasant.  People who see me sneeze on the street, in the office, in the library are startled, alarmed and offended by my sneezes.  I’ve gotten weird looks and faces of disgust.  It is only a sneeze.  When I sneeze, I am polite about it.  I cover my mouth.  I excuse myself.  I step away from other people.  I’m not going to sneeze on anyone, I just need to sneeze.  I’m sorry, but I’m not choosing to sneeze.  I’m just sneezing.  I think it’s a little rude to act as if I am targeting them by sneezing.  If you are sneezed on, then please be offended.  If someone does that, they are gross, or maybe a baby.  I’m just saying that I understand that people don’t want to get sick, or get boogers on them, but sneezes are not aggressive forms of communication.  Sneezes just happen.  Cool it.

At least we can agree on how amazing this sneeze is –

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