Disappointed, But Giggling.

So, Michele Bachmann is on the cover of Newsweek.  Before I rant, I want to make it perfectly clear that I hate Michele Bachmann.  I think she is a backwards, hateful, foolish woman, and I would love the chance to pour glittery gay glitter all over her stupid, crazy face.  She is a crazy bitch and I hope she fails hard.  That said, what Newsweek’s editor did with this cover doesn’t sit well with me.  Honestly, it’s just plain mean.  Mean, by the way, is not good journalism.  Take a look at the photo in question.

Can you say, "Crazy Eyes?"

She looks straight-up crazy.  I mean, she is crazy, so it makes sense, but it doesn’t make it okay for Newsweek to present her like this.  Let her words make her crazy known.  Let her ridiculous prejudices and hateful rantings be her downfall.  Don’t take the easy route by simply attacking her appearance.  I’m all for shaming Michele Bachmann, ALL FOR IT, but it has to be done in a better way.  When I make fun of Bill O’Reilly, I don’t say that he’s a fat, ugly slob, even though he is.  I criticize his ridiculous claims, he made up facts and his general bullshit.  When I make fun of John Boehner, it’s not because he’s a sniveling, crying baby; it’s because he’s a stupid, illogical, lying, terrible politician.

My point is that she is an awful person, but that we should attack her politics and not her crazy eyes.  It’s trashy, easy and cheap.  Be better.  Newsweek isn’t a blog; it should do better.

Finally, because this is a blog, screw Bachmann.  She’s awful.

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