Stop Being Naked.

We get it.  You’re hot.  Now, stop being naked.

These ladies are all very attractive, and are also all insisting on wearing only half-shirts, which are weirdly baggy and occasionally see-through.  Why?  Why is this popular?  These girls just look sloppy, trashy and desperate for attention.  The only one that looks half-decent right now is Audrina Patridge.  She looks the classiest and she’s wearing a sheer top.  This trend keeps coming back and I keep seeing it around town, at the mall, on dates and at the bar.  I just don’t get it though.  Why can’t we keep our tummies to ourselves?

Also, apparently bustiers are back in fashion.  (see below)


These things are pretty much lingerie called casual wear, but it doesn’t change that you look like a hussy.  That’s right.  This makes me so mad, I’m calling people hussies again.


Both of these girls look mostly naked, and while I’m sure they would get plenty of male attention in these tops, I hope that the hatred of other women would be enough to shut it down.  So, stop it.  Stop being naked!

These are just lace!  Come on!



Wearing something like this just makes a girl look desperate and a little skanky.  Good for you that you feel incredibly confident.  Seriously, that much really is great because too many people are overly worried about their bodies.  My worry is that these girls are not actually really self-conscious and seeking attention from men to fill the voids their minds cannot.  It makes me sad.  It reminds me of how I feel on Saturday and Sunday morning when I watch the great migration home…  the girls coming home from random dudes’ bedrooms.

On top of all of this, these stupid crop tops are sneaking into suits and suit-like things allowing people to be subtly slutty.  Not cool.  Even if you are wearing a suit jacket, and even if that jacket is black instead of pink, your crop top is still a little slutty and also a little dumb.   Really, this looks ridiculous.  Big balloon shorts in orange.  Over-sized, yet short-sleeved jacket.  Plus, a black low-cut crop top.  Oh, good.


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