Faking It

Faking an orgasm. Most women have been there, done that, weren’t impressed, but will do it again. Most women in heterosexual relationships feel pressure to have orgasms, even when they’re not really having them…

The polls I’ve seen say that at least 60% or 70% of women admit to faking an orgasm, but I’d venture that the number is closer to 100%. Yes, that’s right. Dudes just don’t know how to play that fiddle. Well, most dudes. And, especially the dudes most chicks are “fiddling” with in High School. 16-year-old boys don’t understand the female body. Hell, 16-year-old girls don’t. What young girls might actually understand is that they are “supposed” to like certain things, do certain things and react in very particular ways. Thus, the fake orgasm. ABC News breaks down the reason why women fake it below:

The partner… Maybe if the ladies were a little less worried about their partner’s expectations, they could focus all that energy on their own pleasure. Most likely, the guys gonna get off regardless of what the lady is doing. Most likely, he’ll be good no matter what. So, you may as well enjoy yourself. If you want it like that, then have it like that.

Be this.

Not this.

Women need to stop faking it, or they’re never gonna get it. Don’t fake it. Keep it going and try to get yours. As women, we are allowed to say what we like and ask for it. If you are having sex with someone, you should at least be comfortable enough with them to ask them to do what you like. If they can ask you to … well, do whatever it is they like, you should enjoy and exercise the same power. Plus, dudes like when chicks take the lead every now and then. Chances are also good that he wants to please you. That dude on top of you, or next to you, or under you, or behind you… Chances are he wants you to get there, so give him a road map.

I also can’t help but think that this is a heterosexual problem. Straight dudes suck. Straight girls are weird. What say ye, gay population? Do you feel the pressure to fake it too?

Get yours. And that is all.


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