Some Thoughts on Debt

Why Debt Matters

I’m just so frustrated with people not understanding the gravity of personal and national debt. Hitting the debt ceiling is embarrassing and dangerous for our nation. I think rich people need to shut the hell up and pay more taxes. I think America needs to stop intervening in other nation’s conflicts because we simply cannot afford to right now. Yes, I would go into debt to help my family, my friends, and probably an enemy, but that would be a personal decision. If going into debt further would affect 300 million people, I might reconsider standing up to the bully I didn’t like so much. I get why America intervened in Libya. I do. However, when you put that on top of overthrowing as many governments as this nation has in the past 10 years, it’s really starting to seem excessive. Obviously, I have a problem with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I have a problem with seeing Americans dying and going into debt to fight an ill-defined, ill-planned, endless war. I work with these people everyday, and even if they believe in America, in their fellows, in themselves, they don’t seem to believe in the “cause” anymore. Sure, the policitians called it “freedom,” no one really knows why we’re fighting. Regardless, we’re just spending too much money on war. We’re spending money we don’t have.

This is a baby without money. He symbolizes America. The only difference is that this baby knows that he doesn't have money to spend. Thus, he doesn't spend any. Genius? Genius.

America’s Money

Money. America used to have tons of it. Now, we’re just making it up. The Euro is kicking our ass. Maybe in a couple years the peso will even have us beat. I don’t want to see that day, but we just might get there. We were once a super power, now we’re just super screwed. This debt crisis has been a looming cloud for years, but only now is anyone really paying attention to it. My excuse? Well, a couple years ago I was a child (or at least a teenager). What the hell were the leaders of the free world doing then? Seriously!

Stop spending money. Stop it. Just f’ing stop it. We don’t have it. Don’t spend it.

These are simple principles I follow in my own life and I expect my country to follow these principles at least some of the time. Yes, some of the issue is that our country simply had more people and things to take care of than it had money for… To some degree, that is good and fine. At first, America was taking care of its citizens by going into debt. However, we’ve now reached a point of tax cuts, war and crazyass spending that has led to crazyass debt. What happens now? Why can’t people accept that taxes have to go up? Taxes HAVE TO GO UP. There’s simply no getting around it. Look back 50 years, taxes are pretty good right now.

Fiscal Responsibility and You

Since the last round of elections, we’ve heard a lot about “fiscal responsibility.” That is, one would think, not spending outside of our means. And while a lot of Americans like to point their finger at the government as a shining example of what a lack of a familial budget would do (on a large scale), it is also something we need to think about when we look in the mirror. Credit card debt, minuscule down payments on homes, a slew of new vehicles, and other fiscal irresponsibility that was acceptable only a few years ago is clearly no longer working. In fact, we have a foreclosure crisis to prove that. So before you slide your VISA across the magnetic strip reader at the store next time to buy some useless crap, think about Obama. Think about Boehner. Or Reid, or Cantor. Do you really want to be like those guys?

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