The Debt Ceiling

The debt ceiling problem is a stupid problem because it’s a non-problem. The debt ceiling is an invention of congress for purely political reasons and goals. There’s no *actual* debt ceiling, just a piece of paper that says there’s an imaginary ceiling that’s been agreed on. And why have we wasted an eternity arguing about it? Oh yeah, because Congress is made up of a bunch of dipshit five-year-olds who need a timeout. It would just be nice to have a bunch of mature adults making mature decisions. You know, like grown ups.

And yet, the argument goes on. And on… and on… And the August second deadline draws nigh. First things first; let’s be clear: letting the nation default on its debt is not only bad policy, it’s bad politics (someone please tell Michele Bachmann, I don’t think she’s been updated…). Losing our good credit rating from agencies like Moody’s will spell disaster for US Markets and world markets. It’s bad economic policy all around. And bad economic policy + weak-seeming America = ? You guessed it, bad politics. In fact, I’d venture to call it political suicide. Which I don’t think the Republican establishment is willing to do, but it’s those Tea Baggers (sorry, Tea Partiers…) that worry me. People like Bachmann seem to not understand the negative effects of default, or they’re choosing to ignore those effects for show to “rile up the base.” I get that these people are desperate, but it definitely cannot justify screwing everything, literally everything up. Plenty of presidents have raised the debt ceiling before, just friggin’ do it again (like the TEN TIMES you did it under Bush and I heard nary a peep!). If they hadn’t raised it before, it would still be a grand… Ahh! Get over yourselves and do something normal, reasonable.

But what’s most irritating about this argument isn’t the brazen stupidity of Bachmann-types, but the distracting nature of the entire issue. I’m tired of arguing over this stupid non-problem when there are very real problems that need real solutions. E.g. NOBODY HAS ANY F$%&ING JOBS!!! Mostly I wish Congress would just get their heads out of their asses, come to a COMPROMISE (yes, dare I say it? Raised taxes and spending cuts! Lawdy.), and get on with it already. Quit wasting my time and tax dollars! Goddamnit, I’m paying you people to sit there and act like babies! That may, in fact, be the real crime here.

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