“Young, Fabulous, and Broke”

There’s stupid, and then there’s imbecilic. There’s dumb, and then there’s a you’ve-got-to-be-effing-kidding-me-you-can’t-be-serious brand of stupidity and/or bad taste.

Reader, I give you “Young, Fabulous, and Broke.” This L.A.-based clothing company, started by self-described “fashion industry icon” Heidi Cornell has an “About” page that reads thusly:

Young Fabulous & Broke is the quintessential LA brand, designed by Fashion Industry icon Heidi Cornell to suit any wardrobe and to fit any occasion – which is why Megan Fox, Sienna Miller, Blake Lively, Lindsay Lohan and Sophia Bush use YFB pieces as their ‘go to’ clothing whether they are working, playing, shopping or even hiding.

YFB is inspired by young Hollywood” says Heidi “because I love laid-back LA style” which is why the collections are filled with flowy feminine dresses, sexy bohemian skirts, cozy sweat pants and flirty tops made from sumptuous, form-enhancing fabrics such as silk jersey, soft cotton and fine cashmere.The collections are luxuriously comfortable with details that thrive on subtle sexuality and simple, understated elegance.

On the surface, I am not very much annoyed. It reads like most “About” pages for clothing companies; they are, after all, trying to sell a product. It’s the name that gets me. Young, Fabulous, and Broke? Broke, you mean like, Broken, right? Like broken clothes? Surely you don’t mean “broke” as in “I have no money”… right?

Because if you mean “broke” as in “I have no money,” you have no business selling your dresses for over $200. Yes, that’s right. Two Hundred Big Ones. WHAT?

If you’re going to associate your brand name with words that normally signal “inexpensive,” (e.g. the term “broke”) then yousureashellshouldn’tbechargingthatfuckingmuchforonegoddamndress!!!

I think this relates to what I was talking about in another post (You’re Not Poor) a few weeks ago. It’s that same sort of attitude–why would you call yourself broke when it’s painfully obvious you’re the polar opposite? Is hypocrisy the new “in” thing, or something?

So, let’s get a couple things straight: 1. If you’re shopping in a tiny boutique that sells two hundred dollar dresses and hundred dollar shirts, you aren’t broke. 2. If you’re “Megan Fox, Sienna Miller, Blake Lively, Lindsay Lohan and Sophia Bush,” you aren’t broke. 3. If you’re shopping in the same boutiques as some of Hollywood’s signature celebrities, you’re probably not broke.

The apparent confusion between “broke” and “I can only afford a two hundred dollar dress (and I’m whining about that)” isn’t just stupid or annoying. It’s in bad taste. In fact, it’s tasteless. “Young, Fabulous, and Broke” is a tasteless, inconsiderate, hypocritical, stupid name for a boutique clothing line. It’s anything but Broke and anything but Fabulous.

2 thoughts on ““Young, Fabulous, and Broke”

  1. I feel the same way as you! I looked at this companies website awhile back thinking, “Hey. I need clothes. I’m broke and young. I would love to be fabulous.” But I mean what the what?! So frustrating. Awesome post.

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