You’re Not Poor

Growing up, I inhabited both sides of the line: having little to no worries about money and worrying about money all the time. I still, however, wouldn’t ever have classified myself as “poor.” It seems, of late, to be the chic thing to do: “I’m so poor!” “I’m so broke!”, to complain about your finances as a ploy to get attention and/or sympathy from others.

Granted, I’m sure we’ve all felt poor at some point, even if we aren’t actually poor. But to constantly insist that you’re poor when it’s obvious that you’re not isn’t just tacky; it demeans the importance and visibility of people who actually are poor. These people have to do things like choose between medicine and food, or wonder about how they’ll be able to afford tomorrow’s dinner. A flat tire isn’t just an inconvenience, it’s a major set back that leaves them in debt up to their eyeballs. College isn’t just expensive, it’s impossible.

And you’re bitching about being poor because you blew all your money on an iPhone, a second guitar, or six brand new pairs of designer jeans. Or, worse, you’re complaining about being poor for no reason; you have everything you want and most of the tings you need, with no substantial money worries in sight. What’s wrong with that picture? Everything. Namely because you think there’s no difference between this guy:

And this one:

Here’s a clue: the second one isn’t really poor. He’s gonna hop on his iPhone to check into this dive bar on Foursquare in about thirty seconds.

So for all you hobo hipsters and others out there who are always complaining about how poor you are to out-hip or gain attention and faux-sympathy from your peers, knock it off. The only empty things about you aren’t your pockets but your brains.

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