Why It’s Good to be a Geek.

It’s good to be a geek, or nerd, or dork.  Por que?  Well, because nerds are better than jerks, and jocks, and douchebags.  Even though Beyonce recently told us that girls run the world (“Run the World [Girls]” video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBmMU_iwe6U), the people actually running the world are mostly nerds.  Sure, politicians are douchebags with too much power, but a lot of what we rely on for everyday life is nerd-created.  Even most of the swanky things mentioned in rap songs and drunken tirades were created by nerds too.

Nerds made computers.  Nerds created the iPod.  Nerds invented all the stuff that goes into plastic surgery.  So, bimbos can thank nerds, dorks and geeks for their big ole boobies.


If this is you, you’re good.  You’re destined to be a little weird, maybe a touch awkward, but ultimately probably pretty nice.  You won’t be a tool.  You’re less likely to cheat – in lots of ways.  You’re less likely to be a total dick bag who ends up unhappy at 50.  You’ll probably get happier with time because success, love and good people will eventually come around you.  Why?  Because you’re not going to be so mean and cruel that you push people away.  Maybe you get made fun of a little, or a lot, but that will make you nicer in the long-run.  Trust, I’ve been there and I’m much nicer for it.  Mean people taught me how to be good to other not so mean people.

I mean, I’ve heard that it’s hard out there for a pimp (ask the Oscars), but it’s also hard out there for a nerd.  Nerds get beat up and pushed down when they’re young.  But, guess what?  As they age, they become handsomer, nicer and altogether more desirable to possible sexual partners!  Yay!  Time heals all wounds and rewards all pocket protectors.  You have been responsible and you will reap the rewards… but you have to make it first.

Another nice thing about being a nerd is that you’re probably not a big whore from a young age.  Nerdy girls and boys aren’t in danger of becoming “that girl” in high school, or worse.  In fact, at worst you’re a secret slut, and those aren’t too bad.  Secret sluts are the girls who just have a lot of sex with very few people in high school and no one knows about it – genius.  Nerds are all, “Stay outta my undapants.”                          —>

And, that is a good thing.  Fewer unwanted pregnancies, fewer diseases and when you do actually have sex, you’ll probably be more prepared to handle all the things about it… You know, consequences and all.  ‘Cause is, like, kind of a big deal.

Anyway, the point is that being a nerd is awesome and it totally wins over all that other crap.

Nerd Power!

Oh, but no matter how amazing and great and nerdy you are, don’t get a tattoo like this one, because that is totally awful.  Just please, don’t do it.

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