Pro-Choice is NOT Anti-Life

I’m sick of this weird conversation.  Pro-Choice is neither Anti-Life or Pro-Abortion.

Pro-Choice means a person believes that each woman should have the right to choose, the right to options in the case of an unwanted, unplanned, forced or dangerous pregnancy.  Restrictions on that right assume too much, try to imagine things that laws cannot account for.  I’m pro-choice because I will never have the experiences of another person and I’ll never know what leads a person to a choice, so I don’t want to judge or decide for them – especially when it comes to something as huge as pregnancy.  Also, I don’t care what men say, they will NEVER be able to understand completely.  Sorry.  No.

Now, when I say I’m Pro-Choice, I mean that specifically.  I believe in choice.  It doesn’t mean I am excited about, happy about or encouraging abortions…  Usually, I’m sure abortions are sad, heartbreaking and downright hard.  There aren’t women out there delighted by the idea of an abortion; there just aren’t women doing that.  I don’t know what I would do faced with an unwanted pregnancy, I don’t.  I know that no matter what I did, it would be sad and hard.
I’m just trying to say that Pro-Choice people aren’t Anti-Life.  They aren’t rabid murderers out to destroy the next generation.  They are people who respect the right to choose what happens in life and to your body.
I’m just saying…

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