Bathroom Etiquette – Part 2

Alright, ladies. What’s the deal? We’ve talked about this before. You have to wash your hands! You have to.  I think it takes a lot of displaced self-righteousness and just general balls to not wash your hands, especially in the place where you work.  It definitely takes even more balls to not wash your hands when there are other people using the bathroom!  Finally, it takes an unprecedented, inhuman amount of not-caring to still not wash your hands when someone looks at you and says, “You’re not going to wash your hands?,” while looking incredibly disgusted and irked.  Seriously? 

That happened to me today, in my office.  I went to the restroom and came out from my stall at almost the same time as this other who just went for the door.  I was obviously very, very grossed out and said, “Aren’t you going to wash your hands?”  BUT SHE KEPT WALKING!  She didn’t care that I had seen her, that I knew who she was and that I knew her disgusting non-secret. 

She needs to go back to Bathroom Etiquette School. 

Does anyone else have a disgusting co-worker they would like to rant about?  Feel free!



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