Scientology is ridiculous. Here’s proof.

I’m generally not a big fan of religious pop music because it tends to be too intense, weird, cheesy, monolithic and altogether creepy.  Scientology clearly didn’t want to be left out.  There are songs I love that are all about Christmas, God, Hanuka, Jesus and all sorts of higher powers… BUT I can’t shake the feeling that scientology is probably made up.  Actually, I’m pretty positive it was made up in a bar when L. Ron Hubbard bet some other science fiction writers that he could start a religion (Ray Bradbury was there, and through some great connections, I’ve heard him give this account as evidence).  He won the bet.

Be amazed:



There is also this alarmingly racist video…



This guy has said so, so, so many racist things… He’s also a convicted criminal.  (Try a search engine, you’ll see.)  Yet, people follow his word like he’s some kind of messiah.  In reality, he was probably just a super-crazy, super-ego-maniacal criminal looking to make some money and have some power.  I can’t say he didn’t get what he wanted.

Ugh, just enjoy the cheesiness of the first video and try to swallow the rage, disgust and annoyance you’re feeling about the whole issue of scientology.  Oh, and let’s not capitalize the  first letter of such an improper noun.

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