We don’t talk anymore–We just text.

Cell phones are a double edged sword. They can be incredibly useful, especially if you have 3- or 4G capabilities, but they can also provide an easy avenue for normal people to slip into totally stupid and/or obnoxious behavior. Either that, or they bring out the asshole in all of us.

For anyone who has ever worked behind a counter, you know the feeling of dread that builds in your stomach when you see that mother of two approaching you, cell phone in hand, talk-yelling into the receiver. Your brain sighs, you slump, and think, “Not another one…” People on cell phones are the most obnoxious customers to serve (other than the certifiably insane). They order, and then proceed to ignore the employee if/when they are asked any questions about said order. If interrupted, they become increasingly preturbed. But wait, it gets better. Mr. or Ms. Cell Phone feel that their conversation is so important, so urgent, that not only must the employee trying to serve them wait for them to be done (or read their mind, I suppose), but the entire line of people behind them MUST wait. They are the center of the universe. My conversation about what time my daughter’s soccer game is next Wednesday is and who’s picking her up and how awful Mrs. So-and-So looked yesterday isn’t important, you say? WELL I NEVER!

Cell phone queen, be damned. You’re rude and obnoxious and everyone in the establishment hates you. I’m sure the guy in the back heard you and spit in your sandwich.

Another strange disease of modern life is the after dinner text session. We have become so attached to our cell phones/3G/email/BBM that we can hardly sit through a meal with a friend or lover. As soon as the plates are cleared, both parties drag out their cell phones and begin a mad flurry of texting and emailing. This tends to go on for 5-10 minutes. Are we that rude now? We’re more interested in texting and emailing other people than we are talking to the person we’re with. The “let’s do lunch” has disintegrated into an even lesser sign of so-called friendship than it once was, and let’s face facts: it was never that high on the scale to begin with. Not only do we not really want to spend time with or talk to our ‘friends’ over lunch, we can hardly keep up the charade until we’re done eating.

But we don’t really need friends. We have our cell phones, and after all, what more could we ask for?

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