WTF is all I’ve got for this one.

Who steals from a nine year old girl scout? These dumb bitches. And then complain about getting charges while you twirl your overdyed hair and sip your Starbucks’ frappuccino?  Oh. My. Gawd. I, like, can’t believe I can’t take other people’s money! I mean, really, I’m SO pissed cause like I NEED a new necklace and like another coffee–Starbux only plz lolz! And I know I have an iPhone already but you just like don’t understand, I need the white iPhone4 otherwise, I’m, like, going to kill myself and stuff. OMG! Lol, I need gas for my new car that my parents bought me too!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? At first I thought this had to be fake, but now I’m just terrified that it’s real.

If this is the future, please buy me a one way ticket to the moon colony I’m sure someone is planning to build after watching this video. No bitches allowed.

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