Cover Your Ears

Recently, I caught wind of an unexpected Miley Cyrus cover.

My first thought? Kurt Cobain must be rolling over in his grave. Crying or laughing, I’m not sure which.

Cyrus covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” during one of her concerts, which struck me as strange for two reasons:

1. Her audience is mostly under 15. This means they were born during or after 1996. Cobain died in 94. While, admittedly, they could enjoy his music, it seems unlikely that a large number of them were even familiar with the tune. Let’s face it, when we were 14, our taste in music sucked, too.

2. Cyrus is an establishment singer. She is the product of a Disney investment and television show. Nirvana, Cobain in particular, were pushing against this. The entire song is about revolting against one’s own audience. These things appear to be in slight contradiction to each other. Just sayin’.

This cover makes us mad, but we want to know what covers you love to hate, too!

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