Rand Paul Thinks Universal Healthcare & Slavery Are Equatable

This makes us mad.   This is why we’re so mad.

Rand Paul is trying to make a point about how he thinks that the required healthcare proposal is forcing people to do something they might not want or be able to do.  That much, I can at least understand.  However, he does this by comparing a program that is designed to protect people to the long and ongoing worldwide atrocity of slavery.  These things are not comparable.  This is like comparing my parents not letting me stay out after midnight when I was 17 to my best friend’s parents kicking her out of the house for being gay… You see the difference, right?  Paul’s line of thinking is that people are being required to do something – like paying taxes, going to grade school, having car insurance – that they might not like.  Okay, but all of these requirements are set up to ultimately help people and/or save them money.  Every car is required to have insurance so that people are protected in worst-case-scenarios; healthcare is just like that.  It is a protection.  What makes his big, crazy speech all the crazier, is that he’s not even talking about healthcare in the way you might imagine.  Paul is not worried about the patients, about the poor people who are worried about paying for healthcare (which is what many conservatives are saying they think, but it’s not really how it works either way).  Instead, Paul is worried about doctors.  Paul thinks that doctors will, under this plan, literally be dragged from their homes by the police and forced to treat patients.  What?!  What is wrong with you?  This is so clearly not what is going to be happening.  If people have healthcare, it doesn’t mean that they “own” doctors or hospitals or that have the right to demand service from anyone with a medical license at any moment.  It means, in reality, that if a person is sick, they can see a doctor – at an office, clinic or hospital most likely – probably also where that doctor chose to work.  It also means that if a person needs emergency assistance, they will be able to pay for it.  It does mean that a doctor will lose her/his rights.  Why the hell does his mind go there?  No one else thinks that this plan will eliminate the rights of and dehumanize doctors.  It just means that more doctors will be able to treat more people without those people going bankrupt or dying.  Why is Rand Paul being so crazy?  Now, you may disagree with this proposal/policy, but I still think it is highly inappropriate, offensive and downright stupid to compare this to slavery.  Rand Paul gets my first “REALLY??” Award of the season.  Even if, as our first commenter points out, Rand Paul is purposely being hyperbolic, he isn’t making it clear to an audience that is taking him literally.  There are people, constituents, voters who depend on their representatives for accurate and actual accounts of what is happening in the world.  He has a responsibility to be realistic and he’s not doing it.  He is using hyperbole to take an otherwise serious debate into the realm of the ridiculous.  He is forcing a debate into nonsense and it is not helpful, acceptable or professional.  That makes us mad.

Are you mad too?  Send us your comments!

2 thoughts on “Rand Paul Thinks Universal Healthcare & Slavery Are Equatable

    • Of course, the most probable answer is that Mr. Paul does not actually believe what he is saying. BUT, he’s still saying it. Our point is not to be for or against the proposal itself, but to point out that such hyperbolic and ridiculous speech in government is not helpful. He is speaking to people who might believe him and he presents no caveat in this and simply makes his comparison. We just think that Paul is being childish. This kind of hyperbole is for cable news, blogs and jokes. He doesn’t present his thoughts as such; he simply presents them.

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